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Building a powerful brand that remains in the heart of your customers is very essential in today's marketplace. Branding services from w3Infinity can help.

Branding is a process of marketing your brand that helps to differentiate your company or your products from competitors. The major objective of any branding or brand development effort is to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers. We understand that every brand faces unique challenges and that digital marketing and branding solutions combined should address them. Ultimately, we care about one thing – helping your brand succeed through comprehensive brand strategy execution. Your brand matters. Every branding agency can make your brand look pretty but not every agency can make your brand matter. We believe that a brand is strong not just because of its logo and visual elements. Building a powerful brand is equivalent to the extraordinary products and services delivered by your brand and your strategy for the development of a successful brand. In order to achieve your goals and to accomplish your business plans, there must be a suitable timing, professional team, well-defined brand strategy, effective business model, and appropriate funding.

What Makes a Brand Succeed The Most?

As discussed earlier, a brand is successful not just because of its name, logo, tagline, or the visual elements. Most of the successful brand today are what they are because of the perception customers has about their brand, their product, their service, their cause, or an idea. Building a powerful brand is a long-term process. Branding professionals from w3Infinity have been studying the secret behind brand's success and determined that the following 5 are the major keys to the success of a brand.

  1. Timing:

  2. What Makes a Brand Succeessful - 1. Timing

    Branding professionals at w3Infinity concluded Timing to be the most important aspect of a brand to succeed. Timing climbed the top position on the list because for a brand to get enough attention in the market, there should be some need or desire for the product or service that your brand offers. If the product and services that your brand delivers are extraordinary but if it does not come to the market at the right time or when at need, your brand is most likely not going to succeed because the market does not really need what you deliver. Therefore, no matter how unique your ideas are, what professional team your brand is composed of, how excellently defined your business model is, or how much capital investment you have made for your brand, it is most likely not going to help in the success of a brand without an appropriate timing.

    For Example, Airbnb is an American company which provides hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging. It was founded in 2008 and offered a service so that people can rent their private house to a complete stranger. It was thought that Airbnb would not do a good job in the market because nobody would rent their private place to a stranger. But the result came to be way too fascinating. Home-owners actually started renting their private house for a couple of hours or nights to strangers. This was because the world market during the period of 2008 was suffering from a Great Recession and people really needed to make some extra cash. Airbnb's appearance in the market was perfectly timed.

    Another suitable example of a perfectly timed successful brand is Youtube. Youtube is an American video-sharing company founded in 2005 which allows its users to publish videos on the web. There were thousands of video sharing companies like Youtube before 2005 but all of them failed to grab sufficient attention in the market. The reason because before 2005, the broadband penetration was too low and many people did not really have an access to the internet and digital devices. But as Youtube was founded, the broadband penetration had already started to climb the ladder. Newer technologies were evolving rapidly and people were becoming more aware of the internet and computing devices. Youtube was such a perfectly timed business.

  3. Business Ideas:

  4. What Makes a Brand Succeessful - 2. Business Ideas

    Ideas and timing are very important for a brand to succeed in the market. Most of the successful brand today are what they are because they had a unique idea about their business. Their business idea was such that the consumer market was heavily looking forward to and was truly unique. Once a great idea is implemented into a business, it does not really take long to grow in the market. Business ideas can be of any form. The market today is working to improve on pre-existing ideas and many are looking to discover something that's completely unheard of. It is completely legal and ethical to improve on other's idea and most of the Software as a Service (SAAS) companies are good examples.

    For example, Uber Technologies, Inc., founded in 2009 is a ridesharing transportation network company. In 2009, the founder of Uber, Garrett Camp hired a private driver for a ride at a much higher price. He soon realized that sharing a transportation cost with people would make traveling a lot cheaper and easier. His realization and this idea soon transformed into a successful business. Today, Uber is valued at more than $15 Billion. Uber was a great idea and is still growing in the market rapidly. However, a similar technology company - Lyft improved on this idea and is also doing great in the market. Lyft was valued at more than $700 Million as of 2016.

  5. Business Model:

  6. What Makes a Brand Succeessful - 3. Business Model

    A business model is an abstract representation of a business whether it be the purpose, infrastructure, or an organizational structure. The business model plays a vital role but not as nearly as right timing and a business idea. A business model defines how the business is going to carry out different operations and what the business management is going to look like. Most of the start-up businesses do not really have a defined business model and when they do, a business model is likely to change over time. Though the business model is not 100% required for a company at an initial phase, it is something good to have for the success of a brand in the long run.

  7. Team:

  8. What Makes a Brand Succeessful - 4. Business Team

    How important is it to have a team to get success in business? Well, researchers at w3Infinity concluded that team is not as important in an initial phase as compared to business timing and idea, and brand model.  This is because most of the successful companies today was started by a single person or two in a small apartment complex. A team is very important only when the timing is right and the business idea is such that the consumer market is looking forward to and that it is going to sell. Only after that, to run a business successfully, a team is required to carry out a different operation of your brand. Moreover, hiring employees and composing a business team should be carried out with caution because once a team is hired, they need to get paid for what they do. So if the business is not really doing well, investing time and money on the team would not really be a good idea. There are lots of companies that have gained success in the market even without a lot of employees. In this digitalized world, a lot of technological needs can be automated and not have to hire employees to carry out some task.

  9. Business Funding:

  10. What Makes a Brand Succeessful - 5. Business Funding

    There is a huge misconception that for a business to succeed in the market, a good funding is required. However, w3Infinity branding professionals determined that business funding is something that the entrepreneurs should not worry about. This is because, if your start-up company or an established business is a great idea and is likely to do well in the market, it is guaranteed that there will be a line of investors willing to invest in your business.

    For example, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer Company in 1976. Apple was founded in the garage of Steve Jobs childhood home. It did not take a long time for investors to get attracted to the company's first product Apple I because the product and business idea of Apple was truly unique and revolutionary.

There used to be and still exists a social networking website called hi5 in around 2004. hi5 was founded a couple of months after Facebook was founded and was somewhat gaining attention from the youngsters. In 2003, even before Facebook and hi5 existed, MySpace was very popular in the market. But today, a lot of people have not even heard about hi5 and a small number of people use MySpace. Facebook is very widespread today. The reason behind Facebook's success is straight-forward. Facebook was a great idea and perfectly timed business because the world was gradually looking to get interconnected and youngsters were greatly attracted to the lifestyle of celebrities. The market really needed a platform where people can stalk their crush and show how amazing their life is. People had started gaining interest in others personal life, posting stuff about their fancy lifestyles, and exploring the web. Facebook, all in all, was perfectly timed, selling idea, passionate team, defined business model, and enough funding from investors.

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