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When things go out of hand, you need a custom-built content management system to streamline the workflow of your business.

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System also referred to as CMS is a computer application or a software that makes it easier for a regular user to manage their digital contents either online or offline. Most of the Content Management System available in the market today support multi-user functionality but it entirely depends on the need. By nature, the Content Management System supports the segregation of contents and presentations.

Content Management System typically consists of two major components:

  1. Content Management Application (CMA)

  2. Content Management Application is a front-end user interface that makes it easier for a user with limited knowledge and expertise to write, modify, add, or remove the contents of a website without the help of a developer or a webmaster. This unique quality of a content management application is widely used. WordPress is the best example of this content management system.

  3. Content Delivery Application (CDA)

  4. Content Delivery Application is a back-end framework which compiles the data and information performed in the content management application and updates that information on the website.

Custom-Built CMS in Python - Django Framework

Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework

w3Infinity delivers custom-built Content Management System in Django framework, written in Python programming language. Python is by far the most popular programming language that is widely used in developing an application that requires heavy functionalities and security is a concern. Applications written in Python seem to be far more readable and easily customizable and seem to perform even better. This is in comparison to other programming languages which consists of long and complex syntax. Django is a high-level Python web framework that allows us to develop applications rapidly in a clean and smooth way. This web framework is designed with intense security in mind and helps to avoid many common security mistakes.

  1. Easy to create a unique look

  2. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 1. Easy to create a unique look

    Custom built content management system from w3Infinity can develop and integrate functionality in your CMS that will make it easier for you to easily create a unique look to your website, social media profiles, and other branding within your CMS. Since this CMS is particularly developed to meet your business needs, you can be rest be assured that this CMS we develop will smoothen the workflow of your business. Users with little technical knowledge after training will be able to manage website according to the need and desire of your business. This custom-built CMS can allow users to update content on their website and social media profiles without having to write a single line of code. User are able to add media files and write contents for a particular page. w3Infinity focuses on user's ease of use when developing such a custom CMS. Thus making it possible for a user even with a little technical knowledge and expertise to easily navigate and perform his/her duties effeciently.

  3. SEO-friendly URLs

  4. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 2. SEO-friendly URLs

    Custom built content management system from w3Infinity provides an ability of SEO friendly URL'S within the CMS. Major aspects of website SEO, such as Page Titles, Meta Description, Front-End Editor, focus on a particular keyword or key phrases, auto count the number of keywords and key phrases within the text editor, check grammars and grammatical errors, suggest to imporve on readability, provide alt tags and titles to images within the editor, and can be included with many more SEO benefits within the system. The URL can be customized according to the needs making it more easily readable and getting rid of file extensions if necessary.

  5. Modularity and Extensibility

  6. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 3. Modularity and Extensibility

    A custom built CMS is particularly developed to meet the needs and demands of your business. CMS developers from w3Infinity develop the CMS keeping in mind that there might be a situation when the existing CMS needs to be upgraded. Thus making it possible for this custom-built CMS to be easily modified and extended to add more functionalities if necessary. This completely depends on your need. If you want to add more functionality to this custom-built CMS by w3Infinity, CMS development team from w3Infinity are more than happy to offer you the best possible solutions.

  7. Support for changing designs

  8. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 4. Support for changing designs

    Custom-built CMS from w3Infinity contains incredibly dynamic functionalities which allows you to change the design and apperance of your website and CMS without you having to write a zero line of code. The backend of the CMS allows users to take control of a partciular section or a webpage in the website. Moreover, changing design and appearance to the CMS itself can also be made possible. This ensures that your users face the most comfortable CMS design to do their job effectively.

  9. Integrated Audit Logs

  10. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 5. Integrated audit logs

    A custom-built CMS from w3Infinity can feature an integrated audit log that provides documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time in a specific operation, procedure, or event. This integrated audit log can contain all your financial transaction, business research and promotions, or communications by individual people, systems, accounts, or other entities in a security-relevant chronological record, set of records, and destination and source of records. This integrated audit log withing the CMS can also include user permission and restriction allowing to it to be used in a priviledged mode so it can access and supervise all actions from all users. To be able to use integrated audit log in a CMS might be one of the reasons you would need a custom-built CMS. Custom-built CMS professionals from w3Infinity can help!

  11. Single User, Multi-User functionality

  12. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 6. Single, Multi-user, or group functionality

    This functionality of a custom-built CMS gives you an ability to work individually or in a group. This CMS features can allow access to a multiple user or a computer. In the scenario of a business, there might be several people working on various topics of things. This single user, multi user functionality of a custom-built CMS allows different employees in a business to work and collaborate individually or in the same system at the same time. Thus increasing the productivity of your effort.

  13. Ability to Manage Permissions

  14. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 8. Ability to manage permissions

    A CMS is a software/application that can be used by a single or a various number of users at the same time. In the business scenario, there are usually a number of users working on a topic of things. There might be critical business data and information such as credit card info, business transaction record that needs to be shared only with a priviledged member of the business. Ability to manage permission feature in a custom-built CMS have an ability to restrict or grant permissions to your user about a particular task and functionality of your CMS. This includes restricting or granting permission like allowing your user to view critical data, add a page to a website, post a content, etc.

  15. Integrated Help

  16. Custom-Built CMS in Django Python Framework: 7. Integrated Help

    In order to make 100% use of a custom-built CMS delivered by w3Infinity, we provide tutorials and lessons that are integrated outside and within the CMS. In addition, should your require a guidance in a particular section of your CMS so that a newbie can work on it, we are more than happy to make suitable adjustments.

Should You Consider a Custom-Built CMS?

Custom built CMS can be a great asset to your business if you are unsatisfied with other open-source CMS that are available today. Custom-built CMS has many thing to offer to streamline the workflow of your business. However, it should be noted that developing a custom-built CMS requires a lot of time and resources, thus making it expensive.

Custom-built CMS means advanced security, customized functionality, and benefit of full ownership of the CMS.

  1. You require advanced features in your CMS:

  2. Should You Consider a Custom-Built CMS?: 1. You require advanced features in your content management system

    While many of the CMS available in the market today provides a wide variety of features that meet the need of most of the businesses. But sometimes, your brand needs a particular feature that might not be available in these CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. That is when a custom CMS can be a great asset.

  3. You want a simpler interface that you can design:

  4. Should You Consider a Custom-Built CMS?: 2. You want a simpler interface that you can design

    A custom-built CMS can make your daily business task easier and smooth. CMS that is custom-built means a user with no technical knowledge and expertise can be able to make changes like adding pages to a website, posting contents, etc. A custom-built CMS can be made a lot easier to use for a front-end user. Unlike freely available open-source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, a custom-built CMS can be made incredibly modifiable and convinient to work on. CMS development professionals fromw3Infinity can easily customize the CMS to meet your business needs. Users only see what they need to see. An intuitive CMS can be easier to teach staff how to use compared to a more complex backend.

  5. You have security concerns or you need to meet your brand's security requirements:

  6. Should You Consider a Custom-Built CMS?: 3. You have security concerns or you need to meet your brand's security requirements

    Open-source CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla is a free software. This means that the source code is accessible to everyone using these CMS. This implies that new vulnerabilities and attacks on these CMS arise on a regular basis. However, a custom-built CMS is completely designed only for your business. This means that the source code we write to develop a custom CMS is completely private. This source code remains only to you and is not accessible to anyone except you and your business. This makes a custom-built CMS software less vulnerable to attacks.

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