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E-commerce development services from w3Infinity can help your business generate leads, boost conversion rate, and increase sales.

Launching an e-commerce website, putting products into it, and simply expecting that people will come to your website and buy things is not quite true. There are lots of things that come into play to succeed in an online store. E-commerce today has become very common and it can be very profitable if it is done the right way. More than 50% of businesses sell their products online. Because of all these businesses selling products on the web, customers have a lot of option to choose from. Our research shows that 90% of customers buy products from the website that appear on the first page of Google and that loads in less than 3 seconds. A responsive, lightning fast, and a secure e-commerce website with SSL certificate installed on it is very important for your website's products and services to sell.

E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity

Competition between an e-commerce website is much more than that compared to the regular website. This is because more than 50% of businesses are selling their products online. The primary purpose of an e-commerce website is to sell the listed products to the visitor immediately. To make it happen for real, better user experience and thoughtful optimization of website products is a key to succeeding in an e-commerce business. The design of an e-commerce website should make your website visually appealing and the development of an e-commerce should be able to provide your visitor with a great experience. Below are the top e-commerce development approaches by w3Infinity.

  • Organized e-commerce website

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 1. Organized e-commerce website

    The key to success in an e-commerce website is to organize the website content neatly so that the visitors viewing your website experiences an ease in navigating through the products. Organizing products into a proper category and sections make it possible for users to find the product easily. Product description and prices should be clearly labeled and use an appropriate layout system to keep the overall page layout neat and clean.

  • Ease of navigation

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 2. Ease of navigation

    The navigation menu is the most important part of an e-commerce because it is what directs your visitors to other parts of your website. The menu should be clearly visible and easy to navigate. Making use of megamenu has become very popular these days because they are cleanly organized and visible upfront. Making the menu sticky and also including the menu in the sidebar makes it easier for a user to navigate as they view and scroll down the page.

  • Clear call to action

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 3. Clear call to action

    Clear and visible call to actions allows users to quickly get in touch with your business. This ensures that your visitor will quickly convert and therefore is a big asset in increasing your conversion rate. Clear and easily visible call to actions also enhance the overall user experience which is very important in e-commerce websites.

  • Customer reviews and testimonials

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 4. Customer reviews and testimonials

    71% of online shoppers read reviews before they buy the online product. Because the contents today are heavily user-generated, many people depend on reviews and testimonials to trust your products and your services. Potential customers are more inclined to buy your product if they see that other people are happy with the products you offer. Adding customer reviews and testimonials in an e-commerce website can boost conversions as high as up to 6%.

  • Search box

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 5. Search box

    Search boxes can be an easy way for customers to search for your product and services. An e-commerce website with search box provides great user experience and can help visitors to quickly convert to paying customers.

  • High-quality product images

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 6. High-quality product images

    Adding high-quality images of a product can be a huge asset to buy that visitor. A picture speaks more than words. Hence, it is always the best idea to include 3-4 differently angled pictures of a product you are selling on your e-commerce website. This will help to showcase your product and win the trust of your visitor.

  • Simplified checkout process

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 7. Simplified checkout process

    The checkout process in an e-commerce website shouldn't take more than 1 minute. It really depends on the user how much time they take to enter their payment and personal information. But from an e-commerce developer point of view, checkout process should be made as simple and quick as possible with no more than 1-2 redirection to another page. This helps in providing the best user experience to visitors. This will also ensure that the customer does not leave the website when they are already ready to buy the product.

  • Mobile optimized

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 8. Mobile optimized

    Mobile optimized e-commerce website means having a responsive website. Responsive website is very important because more than 85% people browse the internet on their mobile devices. An e-commerce website should have a responsive menu that adapts to any screen sizes. The images should be scaled nicely and laid out on any devices to fit the screen of that particular device.

  • Visible shopping cart

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 9. Visible shopping cart

    Shopping cart should be designed in such a way that when the visitor thinks to buy a product, the shopping cart should be right in close, visible straight to the eye. Doing so saves time of the visitor and the visitor experiences a great experience with your e-commerce website.

  • Security

  • E-commerce development approach by w3Infinity: 10. Security

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a predecessor of  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). A website with TLS installed on it encrypts every information that is passed to your website. For example: when a user enters the credit card information on your website, an SSL or TLS protocol securely transmits these data before any transaction can take place. This helps to gain visitors trust for your business. They are more likely to provide their payment information if your website is safe and protected. Upon partnership with w3Infinity, website hosting services from w3Infinity provides an SSL certificate for free.

Integrating payment gateway on an e-commerce website:

Integrate payment gateway on an e-commerce website

Payment gateway integration is required for an e-commerce website to collect payments from the buyers. Payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. gives an ability to accept payments from your customers within your website. We offer our clients with a custom-integration of a Payment gateway into an e-commerce website. We currently work with PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Pay, and Apple Pay as a payment gateway. E-commerce development professionals from w3Infinity makes sure that a custom-payment gateway is integrated into your e-commerce website. Custom integration of payment gateways ensures that you do not have to install any third-party plugins or extensions in your website. E-commerce development professionals from w3Infinity keep security, ease of use, and the overall user experience in mind when integrating payment gateways into an e-commerce website.

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