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Email marketing services from w3Infinity can help grow your mailing list, reach new audiences, and increase your brand awareness.

Email marketing is an act of sending a commercial message typically to a group of people using an email. Email marketing is often referred to as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic. More than 70% of emails are clicked by the user. Email marketing is a very cost-effective and fast way to let your customers and prospects know about your company, your services, and your product.

  • Track your ROI:

  • Email marketing can help you track and exact ROI and has a high potential for ROI growth when email marketing is carried out correctly with good time investment. 80% of digital marketers say that an email is the strongest performing media and has a higher ROI than search. This is because email is fast and easy to send to anyone at anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Faster and cheaper:

  • Email marketing is much faster and cheaper as compared to traditional mail. Businesses using a higher volume of emails can use Email Service Providers (ESP) to gather information about the behavior of the recipients. This helps businesses to understand how to make an efficient use of consumer behavior. It provides a cost-effective way to test different marketing content, including visual, creative, marketing copy, and multimedia assets.

  • Reach large number of customers:

  • Advertisers can reach a substantial number of email subscribers who have opted to receive an email. Almost half of the American internet users check or send email on a typical day with an email delivered between 1 pm and 5 pm local time.

9 keys to email marketing:

Marketing is an art of convincing people to buy a product or subscribe to a service. And email marketing is no different. Like any other marketing efforts, email marketing also needs an equal amount of time and resources to get the maximum result out of it. From the overall design of the email layouts to the message of the email, all of these play an crucial role in successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Stop sending email from free mail services:

  2. Marketing with an email is a professional work and requires techniques and skills to be successful. When sending an email about your brand to your recipient, you should use your professional email address that is associated with your business. For example, [email protected] Using free mail services like Yahoo, AOL, Gmail will only make your email look like a spam. Recipients are more likely to delete these kinds of promotional emails without even looking at them.

  3. Avoid false or misleading header information:

  4. Including false or misleading information in the header can have a very negative effect on the reputation of your brand. Though a false information might compel an email recipient to click and view the email, in the long run, it is a disaster for any business.

  5. Stop using deceptive subject lines:

  6. Deceptive subject lines can grab the attention of a recipient. But in the long run, it will do nothing except asking your customer to not come back to your business again. When sending an email, subject lines must be very specific to what the email is about. This way the recipients know what the email is about and will check if it is important to them.

  7. Create compelling and interesting subject lines:

  8. Subject lines are what compels recipients to view your email. Subject lines describe the overall content of your email. It tells the recipients what the email is about. Compelling subject lines will further ensure that your visitors will not miss an important message from your brand. This is because compelling subject lines compels your user to view the email.

  9. Use clean layouts:

  10. Email layouts should be well designed and well written so that the recipient will know the purpose of it. Using a good design and layout with useful and quality content will help to win the trust of your visitor.

  11. Do not use excessive capitalization or punctuation:

  12. Capitalization and punctuation are meant to highlight something that is important. When sending an email, you should be extremely careful when you are going to make a use of capitalization and punctuation. This eventually ensures that the user will see the main point of the email and will trust your brand.

  13. Use catchwords appropriately:

  14. Catchwords are a great strategy for successful email marketing. Using catchwords appropriately and sufficiently will ensure that the user will get your message quickly. This will also help in grabbing user's attention and converting them into a customer.

  15. Have a specific call-to-action:

  16. Call to actions specifies what you want your recipients to do after they view the email. This might be that you want your recipient to contact you, or send them to your website so that they can look for more information. Appropriate use of call to action will ensure that the user understands what your email is trying to convey.

  17. Give users to opt-out of email subscription:

  18. It is legally required in the United States to give an option for users to unsubscribe from mailing list. It is completely users' choice whether to subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list. Giving an opt-out option to your users saves both and your users time and resources. When you are sending emails only to the customers and prospects that matter to your, you are very particular about your brand product and services.

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