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Local SEO services from w3Infinity can help your business stand out in the SERP.

Search Engines, social media, and the Internet as a whole have revolutionized how we learn, search for things, gather information, and how we interact with the local and global community.

100 Billion Google searches per month
  • 4 Billion desktop queries per month in the US alone have local intent
  • 55% of mobile devices queries have local intent
2.5 Billion Active Social Media Users
  • A Local Business Listing Site - Yelp has more than 180 Million unique visitors visiting the local directory every month
  • Social Media Business accounts are being displayed in the SERP to attract local audiences

What is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is local SEO?

Local Search engine optimization or Local SEO is a technique in digital marketing that focuses on increasing visibility on the internet for businesses that serve the communities face-to-face. Local SEO is similar to regular search engine optimization (SEO) in that it is also a digital marketing technique to enhance ranking on search engine results organically (non-paid). Regular SEO helps to increase visibility on search engine results and the more visitor the website gets, the better the website gets ranked on search engines. Local SEO, however, differs in that it is focused on optimizing business's online presence when the user enters a local search for the services and products. However, it should be also be noted that the better the regular SEO, the more helpful it is for local SEO as search engines tend to show the business listing on top of their page if the website has white-hat SEO and enough visitors.

In conclusion, local SEO and regular SEO go hand-in-hand with each other and improving one requires equal effort and investment to improve the other.

Getting Started With Local SEO

Investing in Local SEO is very important if you have a business and you serve the local community. Local SEO can be a great asset to businesses with a physical location. For example real estate business, law firms, dental office, electrician company, salon and spa, restaurant, a grocery store, and much more. Success in Local SEO includes everything from claiming a local business listing on search engines and social media websites to appear on local search results and being able to use effective local ranking factors like business name, business address, phone numbers, and most importantly business reviews on those websites. This is also known as location data or citation management.

Search engines recently started displaying the local results for the queries that tend to have a local intent. This means that users do not have to type the location in their searches anymore. For example, to search for an SEO agency in Minneapolis, MN, you used to type something like "Minneapolis, MN SEO agency" or so. But with this change by search engines, you could simply type "SEO agency" and the search engine will display the local results given that your location is turned on for search engines.

Local SEO plays such an important role in the overall success of your business. Advancement in machine learning and data science have made it possible for search engines to display the most accurate results based on search queries and show that business on top that is truly genuine, unique, and customer focused. Below we have included a few quality tips on local SEO that deserve particular attention.

  1. Claim local business listings:

  2. Getting Started With Local SEO: 1.Claiming a local business listing

    Business listing or a citation is any reference to your local business on the internet. Most of the business listings online today are provided by business directories. A business directory is a website which lists business within niche based categories. Various information that you want your visitors to know about your business can be provided to the business directories. They may include your business name, contact information, type of the services and products your business provides, number of employees and professional associations of your business. Some local business directories even provide a section for user reviews, comments, and feedback. Therefore, it is very important for a local business to have their business listed on these online directories so that visitors can quickly discover it.

    Below we will be discussing a few online directories that are widely popular and used by many users. In addition to just these directories, we have also included several other online directories where you can list your business to enhance visibility on the internet and attract more customers.

    • Business listing on Google My Business:

    • Google My Business definitely outranks all other business directories as Google is the most widely used search engines today. This success of Google can be traced to the way Google strives to deliver the best possible results to its users. With over 100 Billion Google searches every month, it is important that every business operating in a local community have their business listed on Google My Business. With Google My Business, companies have the opportunity to add, edit, and manage their business and their physical location in Google Maps.

      Some example of businesses that can benefit from Google My Business is Real Estate companies, Law firms, Manufacturing companies, Insurance agencies, Resturants, Salon and Spa and many more businesses that serve their customers at a physical location. The advantage of having your business listed on Google My Business is that when the user enters your company name or searches for a company like yours, all necessary information about your business is shown at a first glance. This lets a user to quickly decide whether or not to make further contact with your business.

    • Business Listing in Bing Places:

    • Microsoft Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google and serves 34% of internet searches in the US. Like Google provides Google My Business to allow businesses to list their business on the internet, Bing has something similar called Bing Places For Business and Bing Maps, something similar to Google Maps. Bing Places and Google My Business both work in a similar way in that both of these services are focused on delivering accurate results to its users based on search queries. However, Google My Business highly outranks Bing Places because more than 65% of internet searches are performed with Google.

      If those many searches are performed on Google, then why even worry about listing the business in Bing Places?

      Well, the simple answer is Bing still has 34% of search queries and is more likely to give Google a tough competition in the near future. But there is one more reason behind this. If you have noticed, when you open a browser other than Google Chrome, most of the time the default search engine is Bing. And Google Chrome is not the only best browser available today. Mozilla Firefox which is a tough competitor of Google Chrome defaults to Bing instead of Google. A few years ago, searches were not allowed at the URL section of a browser. But most web browsers today allow direct search from the URL instead of having to visit each individual search engine website like Google.com or Bing.com.

      With this change in web browsers, our study showed that many users do not even realize the search engines they are headed to at a first glance and most others do not really care about navigating the "settings" of a web browser and switching to the search engine they like the most. 

      Many businesses seem to avoid listing their business on Bing Places. However, w3Infinity Local SEO experts strongly suggest business owners make use of every single resource available to increase business visibility on the internet.

    • Business Listing on Yelp:

    • Yelp is the most popular crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site founded in October 2004. Yelp lists information about businesses and publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. The company also helps small businesses in how to respond to reviews and hosts social events for reviewers. Yelp has pages devoted to individual locations such as restaurants, or coffee shops where Yelp users can submit a review of their product and services using a one to a five-star rating system. In addition, local businesses can also update their contact information, business hours and other basic information about their businesses that is useful to visitors.

      Yelp is an authentic business and frequently appear on the first page on Google when users search for any product or service. One of the best features about Yelp is that users do not have to type in a name of your business in search engines to find your business on Yelp. Yelp loves businesses that are passionate about growing and optimizes keywords for businesses itself so that the business is highly visible on Yelp and search engines.

      Moreover, Yelp provides a functionality to respond to reviews to show that your business really cares about your customers. Businesses can also privately message the reviewer or publicly post on their profile page. Yelp is such an amazing site to show that your business is focused on the satisfaction of your customers.

      In addition to Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp, there are a number of websites and business directories that you can list your business on. Below are the top 8 business listing websites that every local business should list their business on.

      • Yellow Pages
      • Facebook
      • Yahoo
      • Apple Maps
      • City Grid
      • Foursquare
      • Superpages
      • Express Update

      In addition to this, if you have some other kind of business like Hotels and Hospitality, then you can get listed on a very popular TripAdvisor. If you are a doctor, then your business can get listed on HealthGrades. Attorneys can get listed at FindLaw. Chamber of commerce websites, local business associations, and community hubs also offer places to get listed which are specific to the geography you serve.

      While many of these business listing websites offer free services, but some of these do charge fee. It is best to do some research about which of these services can send a high volume of traffic or transaction to your website before deciding to pay one of them. No matter what it is, w3Infinity can help.

  3. Optimize every local business listing accounts:

  4. Getting Started With Local SEO: 2.Optimize every local business listing account:

    It is just not enough to open a business account in the local business listing websites and wish that everything is taken care of. Signing up on the local business listing website is just the first step to getting started with local SEO. Above mentioned local business listing websites offer so much more to help increase the visibility of your business by optimizing your profile with as much information about your business as possible. The more information about the business you put on these business listing sites, the more accurately these services will be able to show your business to its visitors in response to their queries. Most of the business listing services allow businesses to choose the 2-3 main category of the business. Choosing the right category of your business is very important as this is how these business listing sites will be able to respond to queries and display the right result to its visitors. For example, w3Infinity is a web design company. w3Infinity's local business listing accounts are optimized in such a way that when a user types in "web design company" or "marketing company", w3Infinity is displayed in the result. Choosing the right category of your business is so important because it tells these business listing sites about what your business is all about.

    Many of these local business listing websites allow businesses to add various other information about their business. These include contact information, business address, products and services of your business, prices, offers and deals, customer reviews, photos, and so much more. Local SEO experts from w3Infinity can greatly help to optimize your business in these local business listing websites.

  5. Manage Online Reviews Effectively:

  6. Getting Started With Local SEO: 3.Effective Management of Online Reviews

    Online reviews have become so important today that most of the local business listing sites are heavily dependent on reviews and rating to determine the quality of your business and rank your website accordingly. More importantly, research shows that more than 90% of consumers read an online review before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With a growing popularity of reading reviews and choosing a business,  fake online reviews have become very common today. Dealing with fake reviews online can be painful to businesses most of the time because business listing sites including Google, Bing, Yelp, and TripAdvisor does not give you an easy time in removing those fake reviews online. Business has to go through a lot of time-consuming process and verification to remove fake reviews.

    In this competitive business market, even the slightest bit of mistake can land your business with a huge number of negative reviews. The consumer market is somewhat very much focused on finding a fault in businesses. Ultimately, the result is negative reviews online. In this case, it is very important for businesses to remain calm and respond to those negative reviews promptly and consistently. It is very important for businesses to be honest when dealing with negative reviews. w3Infinity's reputation management experts suggest that if you think that the negative reviews are due to the fault of your business, then admit it to the reviewer and assure them that you'll serve them well at their next visit. Always be sure to highlight your strength, correct inaccuracies, write like a person, not a corporation, and offer any reimbursement or restitution if the service was warranted. Another very important way to deal with negative online reviews is to take it offline. Talking to the negative reviewer offline is the best way to let that reviewer know that your business is authentic and deeply cares about the satisfaction of your customers.

    Whether it's dealing with negative reviews in an appropriate manner, working with business listing sites to remove fake reviews, or to get more positive reviews online, local SEO professionals at w3Infinity can help.

  7. Plan a quality content for local SEO:

  8. Getting Started With Local SEO: 4.Plan a quality content for local SEO

    The phrase " Content is King" has generated a lot of buzz among online marketers. Contents are the foundation of any digital marketing success. The quality of your contents determines how visitors engage with your website and also how often they do. Without content, SEO has nothing to optimize for search engines. Every piece of information you want your visitors to see is delivered through a content. Whether it be an email, a landing page description, website metadata or title tags, everything is a content. And content marketing is that use of content to help meet a marketing goal for your business. When planning a content to enhance local SEO, it is very important to gain an understanding of what the consumer market is looking for and then research and gather keywords. Then ask yourself who you are writing for, in other words, who your target audience are and what the target location is.

    Remember that no matter how perfect your contents are or how much time and energy you have spent in researching and writing every single word of that content, research shows that only 15% of visitors actually read the full content only if it's what they are looking for. More than 65% of visitors just scan the content you have on your website and leave your website with a huge bounce rate. Therefore, in order to solve this, it is important to highlight an important piece of information so that visitors can have a quick glance at it. This way your website visitors remain in your website for a longer period of time, eventually give a powerful boost in SEO efforts. The content heading (h1 - h6) must also be attractive enough to compel visitors to further read your content.

  9. Target each locations you serve:

  10. Getting Started With Local SEO: 5.Target each local area for local seo

    From the SEO standpoint, it is a best practice to create individual web pages for each area or a region that you serve. This gives you an opportunity to write and explain more about the services and products you deliver in each location. For example: If you are a dentist and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is serving Minneapolis area, create a separate page and write about the unique services you offer for businesses in Minneapolis. The more local the feel of the given page, the more likely your page is to rank higher on the search engines. Business listing sites such as Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yelp gives an opportunity to target various location. If your business is physically present in more than 1 location, you can optimize your business for every location your business is located in. Doing so helps your business become more visible on the internet and attract more traffic.

Local SEO has become more important than ever before for small businesses. Local SEO services from w3Infinity are designed in such a way that your business has the highest visibility potential on the internet. Once local SEO professionals at w3Infinity begin to work with your business, every aspect of local SEO is greatly taken care of to generate more leads to your business.

Minnesota local SEO agency

As a leading local SEO agency, w3Infinity focuses on delivering results. w3Infinity have been providing extraordinary local SEO services for various cities in Minnesota. Our local SEO service areas in Minnesota include Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, Duluth, and across the state of Minnesota.

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Local SEO services in New York City, Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, Rochester, and across the state of New York.

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Local SEO services by w3Infinity in California include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Oak Land, Beverly Hills, and across the state of California.

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w3Infinity is providing results-driven local SEO services in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, St. Petersburg, Daytona Beach, and across the state of Florida.

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