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There has been some confusion about copywriting and content writing. Though both the terms sound similar and are used interchangeably most of the time in the market, there is a sharp difference to be noted between the two. The main purpose of copywriting is to sell the persona of a brand. Copywriting is an act of writing persuasive texts for the purpose of advertising and other forms of marketing. SEO copywriting is an act of writing high-quality copies on a web page to rank higher on search engines like Google, and Bing. The final product is a high-quality written copy that tends to increase brand awareness and persuade people to trust your website and take a desired action on your website. The main purpose of writing an optimized copy on a website is to boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to increase search engine visibility of a website and continue to rank higher in various search engines. While content writing is subtly telling about it while delivering valuable content.

9 Guidelines for High-Quality SEO Copywriting (Approach by w3Infinity):

Copywriting is extremely important for a business to deliver information about products and services and more importantly to improve ranking on search engines so that your business is visible on the internet. Successful SEO copywriting needs a lot of time, efforts, and dedications. Success in copywriting is not a one night process and requires continued research and improvement from time to time. Below are our top 9 picks for guidelines to succeed in SEO copywriting.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience:

  2. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 1.Identify Your Target Audience

    The first step in any search marketing campaigns is to start by defining your target audience. Your target audience is those set of people who you are marketing to. When determining a target audience, various other information about your target audience should be collected in order to run the campaign smoothly and effectively. This information can include demographic information, psychographic information, behavioral information, geographic information and the lifestyle of your audience. Determining a target audience before carrying out any marketing efforts will make sure that all your marketing effort is reached to the right people. SEO copywriting professionals from w3Infinity can help!

  3. Keyword Research:

  4. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 2.Keyword Research

    Keywords are those words that a visitor types in a search box of a search engine while looking for a particular subject. Keyword research is a practice performed by SEO professionals to research alternative search terms the user enters into search engines while looking for a similar subject. Keyword plays such an important role in the overall SEO and ranking process and needs an in-depth and comprehensive research and implementation. Professional SEO copywriting means being able to research the right keyword that a target audiences look for and being able to use those keywords in the copy in an effective manner.

    The way the search engine displays results based on search query has been changing for past several years. Some years ago, it used to be very easy to rank higher on search engines just by overpopulating the keywords in the copy, metadata, URL, and title tags. But with an advancement in search algorithm like Google's Panda Update in 2011 things have completely turned around. With this update, Google is now able to filter search results based on the quality of content present in the copy. If the copy is overpopulated with keywords, Google Panda is now able to punish your website and completely diminish the search appearance of your website. You can learn more about Google Panda Update in this blog post by Moz.

    Google made another update called Penguin Update in 2012. The Penguin update is developed to monitor internal and external links on a webpage. If the Penguin update finds links as spammy, or over-optimized anchor text, this update is intelligent enough to recognize it and punish the website.

    Another most important update made by Google is the Hummingbird update. The primary responsibility of Hummingbird is to monitor keyword-stuffing and low-quality content.

    So how can keywords be used in a copy so that it is acceptable by these algorithms and is also effective?

    One thing to remember is that these algorithms are developed to monitor over-populated keywords and treat that website accordingly. Using the primary keyword several times in a copy is still very important but it should be done so that it follows the keyword guidelines. Search engines have now become more dependent on LSI keywords. LSI keywords are those keywords that are related to the primary keyword. Using LSI keywords on a copy ensures that your webpage is shown on different but related search queries. SEO copywriting services from w3Infinity can help!

  5. Utilize SEO Tools:

  6. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 3.Utilize SEO Tools

    There are infinitely many numbers of SEO tools available online to make sure that your website content is SEO friendly. Many SEO tools available today is capable enough to recognize and evaluate your copy. There are several SEO text editors online to help make sure that you are using a right amount of keywords in your copy. These SEO text editors are also intelligent enough to warn you about grammatical errors, whether you are overpopulating the keywords in a copy and can give you the exact amount of time the keyword is being used. The length of the content is also very important when it comes to effective SEO copywriting. Google suggests that a webpage has more content so that it provides more value to the visitor and there is more opportunity to link to various websites and resources. SEO text editors can count the total number of words in a copy, the number of internal and external links, and whether you have focused on this keyword in another webpage.

    Another type of SEO tool is an analytics tool for SEO. SEO analytic tools can help your website rank higher on search engines by providing various data and information about your website. These tools have an ability to tell you how many visitors have visited your website, what did they do on your website, the length of time they stayed on your website, the demographic information and so much more. SEO tool like Google Analytics also has an ability to tell what source (E.g. Social Media, Search, Direct) brought the visitor to your website.

    Below are the top SEO tools for productive SEO copywriting:

    • Yoast SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Bing Webmaster Tools
    • Google Trends
    • Ahref's
    • Semrush
  7. Choose a Good Web Font:

  8. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 4.Choose a Good Web Font

    Why are good web fonts even important in SEO copywriting? Well the simple answer is to make the copy more readable to the visitor. Web fonts for a website should be very simple and very easy to read. It is very important that the font used in headlines (h1 - h6) and paragraphs are easily readable because this is where you would want your audience to spend most time on. Fonts in other areas of a website such as logos can be as stylish as desired because they are only used to showcase a brand.

    There are so many web fonts to choose from. Google Fonts is a great place to find the right one for your business.

  9. Write for Audience, Not for Search Engines:

  10. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 5.Write for Audience, Not for Search Engines

    Writing for search engines means keyword stuffing which is not a good SEO strategy as we discussed earlier. While writing for an audience means providing values and important information to your website visitors. Increasing the number of keywords in a copy to get a good percentage of keyword density does not work anymore. This tactic used to be wide in use until before 2009 when search algorithms were not so intelligent enough to evaluate your copy. But with an advancement in search engines and rapid development of intelligent algorithms like Google's Panda, Hummingbird Update, and Penguin Update, these bad SEO tactics can easily be recognized and punished instantly.

    SEO copywriting should be done in a way that it focuses on delivering valuable information to the visitor. When the copy contains valuable information, the time the visitor spends on a website is increased which tells search engines that your content is trustworthy and people are spending their valuable time reading it. This helps a lot in SEO and ranking. When the copy contains valuable contents, the website is more likely to get backlinks and social shares which is the primary way how search engines rate your website. This is because, nobody would want to link to a website that is not valuable, and nobody would like to share website contents on their social profile when the contents do not really make sense. Getting social shares and backlinks has become so important today that search engines are completely dependent on these two to determine how to rank your website on search results.

    Therefore, the #1 priority of any SEO copywriting efforts should be to deliver valuable information to the visitors. Professional SEO copywriting means writing for an audience, not for search engines. SEO copywriting professionals from w3Infinity will do just that.

  11. Use Magnetic Headlines and Sub-headlines:

  12. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 6.Use Magnetic Headlines and Sub-headlines

    Headlines (h1 - h6) are a very important part of a copy because headlines summarize what the remaining content is all about. Being able to use a magnetic headline that grabs visitors attention will help make sure that the visitor spends more time on the website and gives a backlink or social shares if the content is extremely awesome. It is reported that less than 20% of users read the content in a website. Remaining users just scan the contents of a website and does not spend more time on it. A headline is the first thing that the user reads before they proceed with reading the content. Using headlines and sub-headlines also gives users an ability to experience a great time on your website as contents are divided into suitable sections.

    From the search engine point of view, the way the search engines knows what your web page is all about is through the headlines. Like regular users, Google bots do not spend time in reading the whole content of a web page. Instead, they read the headline, and a few lines below and determine the use of your keywords and key phrases to evaluate the quality of your copy. The search engines then rank your website accordingly.

  13. Write short paragraphs:

  14. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 7.Write short paragraphs

    As discussed earlier, the majority of web visitors, more than 90% of people do not read the entire website content. These type of visitor just scan the website and see what your website is. These are the main visitors responsible for a huge bounce rate to a website. So what can be done so that these visitors spend more time one a website? The answer is to write a short paragraph for each heading. SEO copywriting professional from w3Infinity suggests that each paragraph be no more than 300 words. 300 words paragraph is a suitable amount because it is not too long and not too short. Writing a short paragraph converts the mind of visitors and compels them to read the paragraph. It should be noted that when writing a short paragraph, you should be clear on what you want your visitor to do after reading the content. In other words, the shorter the paragraph the more difficult it is to convey the message exactly to the visitor because there is a word limit. That's when SEO copywriting professional from w3Infinity can help!

  15. Use Bold and Italics:

  16. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 8.Use Bold and Italics

    The major objectives of any SEO copywiriting campaign is to provide valuable information to the users so that they turn into a regular visitors. The success behind successful website copy not only lies in creating awesome copy, using super magnetic headlines, or writing more content, but also being able to highlight some piece of content that might be more valuable to the visitors. This can be done by making some content bold and italics so that when the visitor lands on your webpage, that bold/italic content is first visible. This ensures that the time the visitor spends on your website is increased and the overall bounce rate of a website is in a good shape.

  17. Write More Content:

  18. SEO Copywriting guidelines: 9.Write More Content

    Writing more content gives you an ability to explain the meaning of your copy in depth, both to your visitors and to search engines. Search engines really like a website with more content that is valuable to the users. Writing more content on a copy also give you an ability to create enough internal and external link which is very valuable for SEO. SEO experts from w3Infinity suggest that a webpage content be at least 1500 words if the desire is to rank that web page higher on search engine. Web page with more than 3000 words usually tend to rank higher on search results. This is because, a web page with more content have an opportunity to rank for more keywords and key phrases. More content also increases visitors viewing time and encourages return visits. More importantly, great and enough content on a copy helps you to show your expertise on a particular field.

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