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Web hosting services from w3Infinity provides lightning-fast page load speed, 99.9% website uptime, free SSL certificate, and more.

Web hosting services from w3Infinity includes support for various platforms - WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, Magento hosting, and more. Our web hosting services provide everything you need for launching a new and quick website to one-click installations all at your fingertips. With our web hosting plan and one-click installation, you can virtually create any anything you need from Blog, CMS, a photo gallery or an e-commerce store. The web servers are run on Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP. This ensures that millions of existing websites and applications are compatible with our web hosting plans.

  • FREE migration help

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 1. FREE Migration help

    If you are currently hosting your website with another web hosting company and wish to migrate to the web hosting plan by w3Infinity, our web development professionals can provide a FREE website migration services. We make sure that all your website files and data are safely migrated to our hosting servers during the website migration process.

  • Easy to use c-Panel

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 2. Easy to use c-Panel

    The Linux server at w3Infinity contains a control panel for use by our clients. Website hosting services from w3Infinity provide you with a personal cPanel. This is a control panel of your website where you can control various aspects of your website. Here you can set up a new email account, manage different email accounts, monitor website traffic, transfer files from your local computer to the server, and many more extra features.

  • Effecient management of files:

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 3. Files are managed more efficiently

    Website hosting services from w3Infinity provides users with an ability to manage their website files more easily within a limited amount of time. Web servers at w3Infinity stores files in a heirarchical structure which makes it easy to navigate to different files and folders in our web server. Web hosting servers at w3Infinity are able to handle a large number of queries and requests in just a fraction of seconds. This is to provide our clients with an incredible website hosting experience. In our web hosting plan, we also offer a lot of other tools you can use. This will greatly enhance the way you manage the files of your website or web application.

  • 99.9% website Uptime

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 4. 99.9% website Uptime

    Website Uptime is a measure of website reliability, expressed as a percentage of time a website has been working and is available. Web servers in w3Infinity are realiable and stable and website hosting services from w3Infinity guarantees that your website can be left unattended without crashing for 99.9% of the time. Web servers in w3Infinity provides your website with an incredible up-time of 99.9%. This outstanding website hosting service by w3Infinity ensures that your website is always visible to users on the web.

  • FREE TLS or SSL certificate

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 5. FREE TLS or SSL certificate

    TLS or SSL are a cryptographic protocols that provides a secure communication over a computer network. These protocols are very widespread in applications such as web browser, email, messaging, and VOIP. Using TLS or SSL in a website ensures secure communication between the web servers and web browsers. The main objective of these protocols is to provide privacy and date integrity between two or more communicating computer applications. When a website is secured by these protocols, the connections between a web browser and the server is private because cryptogtaphy is used to encrypt the data transmitted. TLS or SSL is very important for websites that collect user information. Recently Google made it compulsory for website to have these security protocols. When you partner with w3Infinity, these security protocols - TLS/SSL are provided for free.

  • Lightning-fast page load speed

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 6. Lightning-fast page load speed

    The website page load speed depends on various factors. The larger the size of your website file, the longer it takes for a server to respond to the query. The HTML, CSS, and Javascript file should be minified to reduce the file size of your webpage. The images in your webpage must be optimized and made compatible to the website. and The coding in a website has to be clean and should follow coding guidelines for your website to load faster. Web hosting services from w3Infinity focuses on providing a great user experience for a website. The powerful web servers in w3Infinity delivers your website and your web pages to your users within less than 3 seconds given that all above mentioned precautions are taken care of. Web design services from w3Infinity can help to achieve this incredible website load speed.

  • Ability to monitor the website traffic

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 7. Ability to monitor the website traffic

    Web hosting services from w3Infinity includes a module which provides our clients an ability to monitor the website traffic through the cPanel. This module in our web server is able to show the number of website visitors in a particular timeframe and can display important information about the website visitors such as their IP addresses, locations, web browsers in use, etc. All in all, web hosting services from w3Infinity gives you a clear and comprehensive insight into your website to boost your productiveness and efforts.

  • Access to all email accounts

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 8. Access to all email accounts

    Web hosting plan from w3Infinity gives you an ability to create a customized and professsional business email account ([email protected]). You have an ability to create any number of email accounts for your website. In addition, these email accounts each can have as large storage capacities you want.

  • FREE malware removal service

  • Web Hosting Services from w3Infinity: 9. FREE malware removal service

    The Linux web servers at w3Infinity are very secure and protected. It is less likely that your website will be affected by a malware. If for any reason you feel that your website is affected by a malware, professionals at w3Infinity are more than happy to provide you a FREE malware removal service.

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