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Installing a lot of useless plugins and using poorly-coded pre-built theme is a destructive WordPress development strategy. w3Infinity can help!

WordPress is by far the most popular free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress features plugins and themes architecture and was mostly associated with blogging but later got extended to any kind of website. Today WordPress powers more than 60 million - 30% of all websites across the web. Due to the easy to use and update terminology of WordPress a lot of businesses find this CMS a very quick way to get their businesses on the web. Whether you are running a small business, a blog, a forum, media galleries, or a huge shopping store, WordPress can be a quick way to get your business online.

WordPress has a web template system that uses a template processor. WordPress provides thousands of pre-built themes that the user may install and switch among different themes. WordPress themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a website without having to write a single line of code. WordPress requires at least one theme to be installed that are designed under WordPress standards with structured PHP, HTML, and CSS. WordPress themes can be directly installed from the WordPress administration panel or the theme files can be uploaded to the server. Some of the WordPress themes are 100% free while some themes do charge premiums. Another feature of WordPress is that it provides more than 55 000 plugins or extensions. Plugins in WordPress allows users to extend the functionality of their website. These plugins enables users to tailor their sites to meet their specific needs.

Custom-built Wordpress website

WordPress offers number of themes and plugins that the user can use to quickly put their business on the web. WordPress being a free and open-source CMS, any user with knowledge of PHP, and other standards of WordPress can create a theme for WordPress. These theme that are pre-built can be used by any businesses for any website. This results in the similarity in a website between two business and the source code of the website are shared among businesses. Thus making pre-built themes vulnerable to attacks. While on the other hand, when a theme is custom-built for a particular business to fit their needs, the source code of the website are not shared among users and there is no noticeable similarities on the website. More advantaged of using a custom-built WordPress themes are as follow:

  1. 100% Mobile-Friendly

  2. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 1. 100% Mobile-Friendly

    Custom-built WordPress website by w3Infinity are developed with mobile users in mind from the start to the finish. A mobile-friendly and responsive web design is a top web design priority in today’s marketplace. More than 81% of people use their mobile phone or tablet to search online and view websites. More than that, major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing penalizes the website that is not mobile-friendly. Eventually, making very hard for your website to rank higher in the search engines. Unlike most of the pre-built themes that are available in WordPress, Custom-built WordPress website by w3Infinity ensures that your website is 100% mobile-friendly and responsive.

  3. Better SEO

  4. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 2. Better SEO

    Custom-built WordPress web design services from w3Infinity are 100% search engine optimized. This helps in improving your visibility on the web by giving a boost to your search engine optimization campaign and increasing your ranking on Google and Bing. SEO is a key to any digital marketing promotions and a custom-built WordPress website has better SEO as compared to a website that uses a pre-built theme. WordPress web design professionals from w3Infinity can help!

  5. No limits on design and functionalities

  6. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 4. No limits on design and functionalities

    Pre-built WordPress themes are developed to meet the need of various number of users and there is a very little design improvement abilities. To change a design structure, most of the website code need to be re-written and modified. If the desire is to change the design structure completely, there are themes that do allow this feature on their premium subscription. While on the other hand, with custom-built WordPress website, your design need is kept in mind from the start to the finish of your WordPress website project providing flexibility to re-design and modifications in the long run.

  7. Easier to update

  8. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 5. Easier to update

    Imagine you have a pre-built template for your website that is built on older versions of WordPress. In this case, your entire online presence falls into a trap if the new version of WordPress doesn't support the version that the template is built on. Custom-built WordPress websites can be updated by our WordPress web design professionals and it ensures that your website is always safe and is always live on the web 100% updated.

  9. Clean themes

  10. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 6. Clean themes

    Cleanly written WordPress themes are essential to a WordPress website success because search engines like Google and Bing love clean codes. A cleanly written WordPress website guarantees high page-load speed because the website contains only the code that are necessary for a website. Thus improves an overall user experience. The overall SEO of a website is better when the theme contains clean code that meets the coding standards set by WordPress. Writing clean code that meets the standards set by WordPress, Google, and Bing is one of w3Infinity's top priority.

  11. No poorly written plugins

  12. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 7. No poorly written plugins

    Think twice and thrice before installing a plugin that you are unaware of. Poorly written WordPress plugins are a gateway for hackers to enter into your WordPress website and take advantage of it and misuse it in some way or the other. Also, keep in mind to not install a lot of plugin on the WordPress website. This is because installing a lot of plugins includes a lot of poorly written codes which eventually slows down your WordPress website speed. Custom-built WordPress website by w3Infinity make it possible for businesses to not have to use a lot of plugins on their website.

  13. Enhanced Security

  14. Custom-built-WordPress Website - 3. Enhanced Security

    Since the pre-built WordPress templates you use is openly available to all the WordPress users, your code is widely visible to anyone using WordPress. Getting an access to your WordPress code means your website is more vulnerable to attacks. Source code of Custom-built WordPress website from w3Infinity is hidden from the public and provides enhanced security to your website, making less vulnerable to attacks.

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